Bodyguards by the Four-X-Doctor


The picture above is of the new Bodyguards manufactured by the Four-X-Doctor in Burbank California. The Bodyguards are available for all stock CJ's, YJ's and TJ's or with body lifts ranging from 1-3 inches. The price is $324.95 plus shipping.

The bars measure 3" max from the body. They are approx. the same distance as the fender flares.

**NEW** Be sure to check out the new pics added for the XJ's at the link below! Plans for the ZJ's are in the near future.

For more information, contact Kilby Enterprises at 818-848-2900 or email at

Click here to see the new XJ bars
Check out the New Cover Guards here!

CJ Front Bumper
Side View Of The CJ7
With Wrangler Flares
Drivers Side of CJ7
Passenger Side of CJ7
Drivers Side of TJ
Passenger Side of TJ
Close up Side View of TJ-Passenger Side
Close up Side View of TJ-Drivers side
TJ Mount Shot
TJ Mount Shot