Dehesa at High Desert Roundup!

May 1998


Well here we are in all our glory, showing off all our stuff. Actually, this is the beginning of a a trail that we did at Calico. I was told it was Dorn Canyon or something like that.  Anyhow, all I can tell ya is we had a blast and if you missed out, maybe next time you'll show up too! Haha! I'm not kidding! Click around and check out the pics. I've loaded them with minimal DPI so they should load pretty fast. If not, sorry! They pics aren't in great detail but you'll get the drift. Have fun!

Be sure to check out all the pics. They are pretty cool.

1st shot of Donald heading up the trail Mike Duncan on the rocks
2nd pic of Donald heading up. Brad coming down the trail entrance
Bud heading up. Granny low does him justice! Another shot of me of course!
Mark Alligood heading up next Rear shot. What can I say? I love these pics!
Rear shot of Mark posing for a pic Can someone check my diff fluid please?
Matt's turn. I think he's ready for a bigger lift. Too bad to. He has a nice rig already! Donald showing off his tweaky spring over.
Me with a little sun glare. Oh well! Pokey racing my 6 year old. Guess who won!
Bud playing on the rock too. Nice articulation! My buddy Shawn getting a little slideways
Mark catching some air on the same rock Pokey looking good next to my rig. Haha! Just had to toss that in!

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