1998 Jeep-L Rubi Run


Welcome one, welcome all! You won't see much story telling here as a few other Rubi attendees are writing up the reports. However, you will just see a bunch of pics that were taken while attending this years Rubi run with some damn fine Jeep-L folks! Unfortunately I couldn't get pics of everyone as the groups were split up. Maybe next time! If anyone has any pics they want to contribute to this page, email them to me and I'll post them asap! Check out the pics at the bottom first then continue on with the following pages. This keeps the pics somewhat in order. Thanks, and see ya on the trails!

Oh yeah! Silly me! I forgot to tell you about this picture above. Ya see, this is Bud Boren. Bud says he bought this hat especially for this occasion. Rumor has it that wears this hat all the time. I think he's had it for a looong time but wanted us all to feel special while he wore his cool Cat-in-the-Hat Hat Cat Hat. Oh heck, you know what I mean!

Bud lounging telling lies around the campfire the night before entering the trail
This is Brandon, my co-pilot. He brought his new cap gun along to save us from the wildlife
Matt and Vicky Osburn getting ready to head out of the staging area.
Brad, Donald and Gonzo Dave ready to leave
Duffy, Steve Mckay and Bud ready to head out
Bart Jacobs preparing to snap some shots before leaving
The dam at Loon Lake. Photo op, of course!
Who's that guy on the right and what is he doing? Haha!
Looking toward the trail from the dam
Loon Lake Damn
A view of water area at Loon. Very beautiful!
The slabs! Duffy and Steve Mckay are down there somewhere!
Duffy waiting for the clan to catch up. Me included!
Making my way to Spider Lake
Duffy playing camera man.
A wonderful little rock slab to climb. It can be more slippery than it looks.
Brad getting a little bit of air in the front. Who put that rock there, anyhow?
Ah! The beautiful Spider Lake! I love that place!
Gonzo Dave and Brandon after taking a dip in the lake. Very refreshing!
Aileen enjoying the nice scenery while the other brave warriors conquer the Little Sluice. Brandon and I hung around to jump in the lake, per someone's request, I'm sure!


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