About me!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Born and raised in Lansing Kansas I left for the Navy at age 18. My first set of orders after boot camp took me to the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) stationed in Yokosuka Japan. I spent the first nine months on deployment in the Persian Gulf for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After that is was a bunch of short deployments with allot of port visits. During this time I met my future wife Misako. After three years on the Blue Ridge I was transfered to the Commander Military Sealift Comand Far East (COMSCFE) in Yokohama Japan. I spent two years in Yokohama, getting married shortly before transferring to Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific Fleet (COMNAVSURFPAC) in San Diego. Roughly a year after we moved here Misako had Kimi. I spent three years at this command and then transferred again to the USS Coronado (AGF 11) where I spent about nine months before seperating from the Navy and beginning life as a civilian for the first time in almost ten years. My first job was at a nutrition company as the Information Systems Manager. I remained there for just over a year but decided to move on because the company was have financial problems and it's future was unsure. My next job was with INDATA Services LLC, a software company that develops investment management software. I worked there as the Senior Network Manager, unfortunately it didn't last. After almost a year of very challenging work the company was forced to start a round of lay-offs due to a decline in it's customer base. Sadly I was one of them. This brings me to today. If by some strange twist of fate you are looking for a Network Manager please take a look at my resume and send me an email if it interests you. That's pretty much all there is about me for now, sorry it had to end on a bad note but I am sure that I will eventually be ading a good note in under this to make it all better.